An unused concept for the Chatham University Cabin

how the sausage gets made...
For many aspiring architects of my generation, hand-drawing has somewhat fallen out of vogue. Given the power of modern modeling & rendering software, many of my peers prefer to design digitally and make adjustments as the go along. While going without analog tools is a perfectly valid workflow I still find that the practice of sketching has value, and have attempted to continue drawing as a way of understanding the sense of place I am trying to create in each work.
Additionally, I sometimes find that I have created an interesting visual image that is nonetheless not useful in a final presentation. They could renders, sketches, energy & lighting models, etc. These are my most successful failures.
I hope that by looking at these images you might get a sense of my workflow as a future architect. Happy viewing.

A demographic study of Hazelwood, Pittsburgh

A data-driven section explaining various lighting simulations.

A sketch showing an unused section design through the Hazelwood hemp factory.

A concept sketch exploring the look & feel of the Hempcrete Apartments

Informal design sketch exploring the plan & look of the Chatham Cabin.

Design sketch exploring the feel of the living room for the Chatham Cabin.

Unused line-drawing render for the Hazelwood Green Center of Life campus.

Informal design sketch exploring elevations for the Hazelwood Green Campus.

Informal design sketch exploring the plan, section, and wall section of the Hazelwood Green Campus.

Design sketch exploring an alternate facade design for the Environmental Learning Center in Garfield, Pittsburgh.

Informal design sketch exploring sectional quality of the office space at the Environmental Learning Center in Garfield, Pittsburgh.

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