A render & final design statistics. 107 kWh/m2 equals 33.9 kBtu/ft2.

A town square for a sustainable age... 
The Environmental Learning Center (ELC) in Garfield, Pittsburgh, was a studio proposal for an educational center focused around issues of sustainability and ecology on the former site of Hillcrest Park. It also includes offices, a cafe, an art gallery, event space, a garden and a street-facing plaza - making it more of mixed-use community center for Garfield than a mere school.
The plan is organized into four quadrants: a plaza, a garden, a school, and an event space. The event space and school are connected by a breezeway, making the built spaces snake around the open spaces. The building itself was designed to a passive-house standard with a CLT frame & super-insulated envelope that reduces emissions. Shading has been designed with seasons in mind so that spaces are well-lit in the winter, yet well-shaded in the summer.

Plans for the ELC. A topographic study reveals a steep north-south slope - hence the building has entrances on both the first & second floor.

Sections & elevations of the building. A steep site necessitated significant grading & a unique approach to circulation.

Inside the event space. Because it is a separate building, the event space can be left unconditioned when not in use.

A lighting study showing sDA (daylight autonomy) of the second floor. Areas colored in yellow/green are adequately daylit, while grey areas are not.

A concept sketch illustrating how the facade could look with terra-cotta panels instead of brick.

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